Major maintenance on A1(M) junction 17 – junction 16 southbound
We are planning essential maintenance on the A1(M) southbound carriageway between
junction 17 and junction 16 to make sure that it continues to be safe for motorists to use.
Why are we doing these works?
We are required to ensure the section of the A1(M) that we manage on behalf of
Highways England is maintained to a safe standard. After carrying out surveys, we
found that sections of the southbound carriageway require essential repairs to ensure
safe passage for the public.
What are the benefits to road users?
Our work will provide a safer and smoother journey for road users. We are also making
additional improvements to the safety barriers, gully cleaning and vegetation clearing.
Doing this now will reduce the need for future closures.
When is the work taking place?
11 May 2018 – Friday 8 June 2018
Traffic restrictions – check before you travel
Lane 1 of the A1(M) will be closed between Saturdays to Thursdays. There will be
narrower than usual running lane widths during these works.
The A1(M) between junction 17 to junction 16 southbound will be closed overnight
only from 21:00 hours to 05:00 hours on the following nights to enable the safe
installation and removal of traffic management ensuring the safety of our workforce:
• Friday 11 May to Saturday 12 May
• Thursday 17 May to Friday 18 May
• Friday 18 May to Saturday 19 May
• Thursday 24 May to Friday 25 May
• Tuesday 29 May to Friday 1 June
• Monday 4 June to Friday 8 June
Junction 16 southbound off-slip road will be closed 24 hours a day for the first two
weeks from Friday 11 May at 21:00 hours to Friday 25 May at 05:00 hours.
Junction 16 southbound on-slip will be closed overnight only from Friday 18 May at
21:00 hours until Saturday 19 May at 05:00 hours and Thursday 24 May from 21:00
hours overnight until Friday 25 May at 05:00 hours.
These works are subject to weather conditions and dates may change.
Diversion routes
Approved diversion routes will be fully signposted.
A1(M) junction 17 – junction 16 full road closure
Follow the signposted diversion along the A1139 towards Peterborough, the A1260
southbound and then continue on the A15 until junction 16 of the A1(M).
Junction 16 southbound off-slip road
Continue along the A1(M) to junction 15 and follow the signposted diversion to re-join
the A1(M) at junction 15 northbound and continue north to exit at junction 16.
Junction 16 southbound on-slip road
Follow the signposted diversion route along the B1043 towards Stilton to join the A1(M)
at junction 15.