In light of the Prime Minister’s statement last night we are closing our play areas. Where ever possible gates will be secured, of course this can not be done for the play areas and outdoor gym in the Recreation Ground and we ask you not to use them, there will be signage going up telling you not to go on the equipment please do as it says. The Government has made it clear that you can go out for exercise once a day this is a walk, run or bike ride not playing in the play park.

The Government has also said that parks will be kept open and with this in mind we may continue to cut the grass in the Recreation Ground so people can walk across it – this is not an invitation for picnic or group gatherings on the Recreation Ground.

The only other area of grass that will be cut during this period is the Cemetery.

The Parish Council empties over 70 public bins in Yaxley and this is classed as an essential service and we will continue to do this until we are told otherwise.

We are still contactable by email – or or by calling 07904883883